Lifelens – Lifelens introduced an innovative point-of-care smartphone application to address child mortality rates caused by the lack of detection and availability of treatment for malaria. By combining visualization and analysis tools, a new approach to medicine can be achieved. The solution has immense potential to reduce the cost of screening and enable children around the world to be treated with the current amount of funding. The company was launched as an LLC and is making substantial progress in development of this solution.

Rmrkly – Rmrkly provided a platform for social annotation to share ideas and interpretations within the academic learning space. Students and researchers will be able to better connect in order to annotate on public documents to provide context and meaning. The intellectual property and software was contributed to the Open Source community, and has led to several successful product integrations.

Pathologicode – Pathologicode introduced innovative application and computer vision technologies into the market of diagnostic medicine by pairing the Windows 8 platform with the computer-assisted intravital microscopy hardware system to provide analysis of the human microcirculation in the bulbar conjunctiva to detect microangiopathy associated with disease in individuals. The intellectual property from this project has been contributed to the Lifelens LLC.

Mobilife – Mobilife features an innovative adaptation of smartphone-capable computer-assisted intravital microscopy to allow for point-of-care testing of vascular diseases for low-resource environments. Running on a Windows Phone platform, on-board analysis and tracking can be achieved. The intellectual property from this project has been contributed to the Lifelens LLC.

Cryotrace – Cryotrace provided novel methods for low-temperature inventory management system using radio-frequency identification tagging and reading for use in biobanks and research laboratories. This allows high-value bio samples to be better preserved, cataloged, and located to increase inventory value and efficiency.