For me, it isn’t just about developing healthcare information technology at Caradigm. Our mission to solve healthcare’s greatest challenges can be in the form of introducing novel care management systems, or our service to the community around the corner in Seattle or around the world. On November 8, 2013, a small team from Caradigm, including myself, traveled to a number of small communities around Tena, Ecuador to volunteer our services and expertise to Timmy Global Health.

Last year, volunteers from Caradigm and Microsoft implemented a lightweight electronic health record system across the villages in the Amazon jungle. This kickstarted a movement to begin capturing basic personal health information, similar to what we already do in developed regions of the world. From capturing medical history, vital signs, laboratory reports, scribed physician notes, treatment orders, and dispensing instructions – we are expecting to continue using this tool to provide a completely integrated system to help improve care quality in the region.

I believe that the work we all do in the healthcare industry – whether it be in developing population health management systems or providing quality clinical care to patients – ultimately provides a foundation towards improving global health. Much of the same science and best practices that we have in the United States can be modified and applied to low resource communities – a strategy that has yielded great progress in advancing the global health agenda. We have reduced healthcare inequities, reduced child mortality, and eradicated diseases. However, there are still a number of challenges and opportunities to improve the efficiencies in our systems. I hope this adventure will provide me a better perspective as to what sort of disparities continue to exist today.

This is an amazing opportunity to see a different side of healthcare, and I’m optimistic of the impact we will drive given the passion this team shares in this trip. oeHhhIt is through ongoing commitments like this that I am reminded about why I decided to start my career here – because Caradigm cares.