The power of one. To make us think, laugh, understand.

To spark an idea, a commitment, a friendship.

To make a real difference.

Stories of fear, love, good, evil, adventure, invention, justice, distruption, violence, redemption, energy, music, generosity, exploration, vision, future, art, technology, and possibility.

The power of one in each of us.

The power of ones together. TEDxMIDWEST 2011.

Surrounded by 500+ CEOs/Founders/Politicians/Thought leaders – over the past few days, I learned a lot. I took lessons from the stories of courage, and the making of heroes. Alexis Ohanian (Founder of Reddit) taught me a thing or two about how to make the world “suck less” (very different than making it a “better place”). It is a magical moment when you’re able to sit down with the geniuses of our generation over dinner. Feeling inspired.