Mobilife was invited to give the keynote presentation for the event – so Helena and I decided to take a trip and talk about our project. It was incredibly intimidating considering the sold-out audience composed of hundreds of students, professors, and professionals. It was a great event that allowed us to expand the project network and increase the media attention on our cause.  Goodbye child mortality (fingers crossed).

mHealth Panel Discussion

mHealth: Jailbreaking Health Care

9/21/201 @ Stanford Business School

Event Description

mHealth, or Mobile Health, promises to revolutionize the delivery of health care around the globe. As cell phones, smartphones, and other mobile devices become more ubiquitous and integrated into our daily lives, does that mean diagnosing, treating, or preventing disease could be a click away anywhere in the world?

On the iPhone platform alone, there are 2,228 applications that fall under the medical category and entrepreneurs have already started to develop the next wave of innovative medical applications across the Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, and on proprietary medical device platforms. How can entrepreneurs embrace this mobile medical revolution?


Dr. Chris Wasden, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Managing Director, Strategy & Innovation, Health Industries Advisory


Wilson To, Mobilife, Founder


Anand K. Iyer, Ph.D., MBA, Well Doc, President and CEO
Patrick Chung, Partner, NEA
Michelle Snyder, SVP Strategic Marketing, Epocrates